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Kod Produk: Fleshlight Masturbator
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-Your dreams have finally come true! What more could you ask for than a pussy and ass masturbator in a beeer can?
-Pop the top up and get ready to rock with the ultimate handheld masturbator!
-The super-soft Fanta flesh inside feel is just like the real thing, only better.
-The warm, life like material wraps tight around your pleasure rod, while the interior is lined, with 10 pleasure pearls for added sensations.
-Ignore those other masturbators that leave you wanting more… grab one of these and quench your thirst!
-Come with 7 vibrating speeds that can rock your world!!!

*Disclaimer: The results of using this product may vary from person to person

- Length 23.5cm, diameter 8cm

Package includes:
- 1 x male masturbator

- 1 X wired controller

Note:Please use this product with lubricant

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